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Modelscalecenter now Dealer of Genius

In short time all Genius cars and parts will be updated on the website.
complete list of all parts and cars with prices will come soon

Used Genius XR3R for sale

Genius XR3R 2016 for sale

Genius used for 4 races.
completly checked and rebuilded.
without engine
without pipe
without differential

now for 1350,-

New Mecatech ''Active" Differential availible at modelscalecenter!!!

New concept of hydraulic differential for all 1/5th scale car's. This differential will be delivered complete with oil and two sets of cages / discs / pads to obtain 6 different settings ranging from extremely slippery tracks to tracks with extreme high grip.

Mecatech Active Differential
Price 419,-

THE NEW GR700 named 'MAGIC RAIN' for sale at Modelscalecenter!!!!!!

NEW name but still the same formule.
GR700 no longer in production so change of name for the same tyre treatment.
Bottle still same size.

Price € 42,90 a bottle

The New MAGIC RAIN !!!!!

New RS5 bodyshell for sale.

This new bodyshell is designed for optimal the down force of the car and has an innovative, integrated Lexan AirChanel, to help the engine breath fresh cool outside air instead of breathing hot air from the inside of the car. This system will reduce engine temperature and fuel consumption. This bodyshell is available at standard 1,5mm and ultra-light 1mm version.
pre order it now!!!!!

Price is only € 125,-
For the complete body with air intake

Now for sale at Modelscalecenter!!!!!

Bolts for fitting the clutchbell.

4x M5x50

4 pcs of 12.9 bolts for only € 0,99

The best quality bolts there are!!!

Now for sale at Modelscalecenter!!!!
The Best shock oil for you!!!

Shock Oil of the highest quality used by all top drivers
characterized by very high temperature stability, which is often a problem for competing oils, the ride quality can change dramatically. The oil is bottled in a well-dosed, reclosable 60ml bottle. The oils are available in different viscosities.

Availible Ultimate shockoil at Modelscalecenter.

Viscosities from 6.000 to 10.000.
1 bottle of Ultimate shockoil € 6,85
Set Ultimate shockoil (5 bottles from 6.000 to 10.000) € 32,50

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New RPM Tachometer for sale at Modelscalecenter!!!!

New digital rev counter for adjusting engines and clutches. A good engine setup is very important for long-life and maximum preformance.
This RPM meter can be used for 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines.
The counter will keep the highest revs in memory and will shut off after 30 sec of no use.
Very important tool for all RC car drivers.

Price : € 99,-

Now availible out of stock Twin Air Bio-Power filteroil1000ml.

Boost your RC car performance with the first biodegradable air filter oil that works in ALL riding conditions.GREEN Liquid Bio Power prevents dirt, dust, and even water from entering your carburetor.

Alcohol base allows easy, even penetration, then dissipates quickly to form a super-sticky, dirt-grabbing shield.
A can Twin Air Bio-Power filter oil contains 1 liter Bio-Power filteroil.

1 liter for only € 17,30

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New on the website!!!!

All mecatech cars and spare parts for this cars.

soon we will add pictures to the parts.

New special filter cover!!!!

Now at modelscalecenter a special filter cover.

To protect your filter even more against dust/sand.

This Filter cover fits on all filters we sale.

Price: € 10,-

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New modelscalecenter screw set!!!

This screw set is special made for RS5 cars, all bolts are high quality and fit into an RS5 car.
This bolts will also fit other car brands.
price for this box full of high quality bolts is only € 29,-

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